People Power: Good or Bad?

 Recently I hear on Aljazeera that Libya is Celebrating, the City of Sirte hometown of former President and dictator Muammar Gaddafi  has been captured by the rebels, and  also reportedly captured Gaddafi and his son but not alive. A shot to the head was the reason the former President died.

The NTC will take control of the government, the dictator is gone! people of Libya are now free! democracy has prevailed! they can start a new life without the dictator.
People Power has won.

The 42 years suffering of the Libyan people will finally came to an end.
The NTC, NATO, the USA helped the rebels won this battle, and a new government will takes place that promises democracy and freedom.

But the outcome is still uncertain. The country needs major repairs due to war damages, many has died, mas has lost their own homes, lost their jobs, lost everything they loved.

Is Ghadafi's death bring justice to all that died?

Will People Power do good on the Libyan people?

They should learn from the country that started People Power; The Philippines.

The Philippines the Pearl of the Orient seas the Tiger of Asia during the70's and early 80's 

manila before edsa people power
A very rich country in Asia second to Japan during that era. A country run by a so-called dictator President Ferdinand Marcos, A man of vision, A man that rebuild the country due to damages from previous wars, A man with Iron hands, has lead the country to a level where it won't happen again today. A time where the peso out-worth the US dollar, A time where everything is cheap. A time when everything was OK.

Until the communists came to the country, and start rebelling, the President declared Martial Law to prevent rebels from damaging the country and its economy, the military start capturing rebels during Martial law.
TV and Radio stations was closed down

Ninoy Aquino has been shot, every one starts rebelling a so- called People Power was born on 1986.Cardinal Sin has been calling all Filipino to start rebelling against the Marcos regime 
And it end peacefully because Marcos ordered not to shoot. 

Cory Aquino wife of Ninoy Aquino has won the snap election and take the power from the Marcos's. A new government promises democracy and political improvement. In 1987 Mrs Aquino has signed a law that has been used by the rich families to monopolize all the businesses, A law that favors the rich, they call it the cory 1987 constitution.
Since 1987 most government owned Companies has been sold to rich families like, PLDT, Shell, Petron, Meralco, Philippine Airlines, they also renamed Manila International Airport to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). 


After the Edsa People Power, the Philippines has gone backwards. The promise of a healthy economy was just a bluff. 
During Mrs Aquino's time, coup d etat was every where, and human rights violations was very rampant, even a massacre at the President's own hacienda.
The country is falling down, price starts increasing, corruption was everywhere 
Rebels, Separatists Groups are on a rise, the country's debt balloons.
From Cory Aquino, to Noynoy Aquino, nothing happened! instead it got worse 

The whole country is brainwashed by the TV, and radio stations, they want for us to believe that the People Power was a historic event that lead us to prosperity, they make Ninoy Aquino a hero who is a communist supporter and done nothing as a Senador, he became hero because he was killed... duhh! and Cory a Saint? jeez...

This is so sad, the young generation will never know about the truth, the truth that the media has been keeping all the time, the truth that explains why Filipinos ended up kulelat .

And for Libya I don't know what the future holds for your country, without a leader a country is in chaos, and I don't trust rebels to rule a country because once a rebel is always a rebel.

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