Department of Justice vs Supreme Court

Recently the Philippines are having what experts say "a constitutional crisis" when the Department Of Justice headed by Secretary Leila De Lima disobeyed the highest court in the Philippines, the Supreme Court, when she tried to stop the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband former First Gentleman Atty. Mike Arroyo to leave the country to seek medical treatment abroad.

This decision of the DOJ sparked controversy, most law experts say De Lima's move against the Arroyo's are unconstitutional, and she can be contempt. Now the Arroyo camp is filing an impeachment complaint against De Lima and  President Aquino, the basis for complaint is they disobeyed the constitution.

Leila De Lima's move was very unconstitutional it was the first time i saw the DOJ disobeyed the highest Court of the Philippines, but most Filipino's say it was the right decision.
Sometimes we gotta disobey the Justice System just to have Justice.

But for me, this is an example that the Philippine constitution are biased!
A constitution that only protects the rich and the powerful
A constitution that only Jails the poor or those who cannot afford a lawyer
A constitution that can be manipulated
A constitution that favors Politicians

I am not a law expert or an economist but I know what the difference between right and wrong, damn these lawyers they are making the definitions of right and wrong very complicated and these couples should not leave the country, because there are allegation of corruption
here are some samples:

1. NBN ZTE Scandal
2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors (October 2007)
3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (Hello Garci)
4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)
5. Jose Pidal Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200 Million)
6. Nani Perez Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)
7. Use of Road User's Tax for Campaigning
8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532 Million)
9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)
10. Extra Judicial Killings
11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)
12. General Garcia and Other Military Men
13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific) (P1.3 Billion)
14. Northrail Project($503 Million)
15. Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (Zubiri, Bedol)
16. NAIA-3
17. Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)
18. Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque
19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states
22.the C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar
23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’ Welfare
Administration (OWWA).
24 P780-million LWUA funds-Prospero Pichay
25 Bishop's SUV-Gloria Birthday gift
26 Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund
27 Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy Ampatuan
28.P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties from 2002 to
May this year.
30. 600, 000 metric tons of Rotten rice imported from India.Kishore
Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to Arroyo, reportedly bagged
the P9.5 billion contract for the rice importation.
31.Dato Arroyo wife bought the condo unit for $570, 000,
70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit No. 533) at the
luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy Towers located at 1177
California St. in upscale downtown San Francisco.
31.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president's veto of two franchise bills
32.The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in advertising
expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to P107.420 million in 2009,
which went mostly to ads for Arroyo's achievements.
33.The report said the PIA received from the Department of Budget and
Management a notice of cash allocations amounting to P344.789 million,
even though only P222.488 million was appropriated for it under the
national budget.
34.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang's political enemies
35.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of extra judicial
killings of militants
36.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo critic, Cory Aquino
37.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of Pag-Ibig
38.- Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park Administration.
39.- Midnight appointment of an Arroyo, RENATO CORONA, as SC Chief Justice
- 200+ other illegal midnight appointments


All of these allegations about the Arroyo's are still haven't been proven
Most of these are exposed by whistle blowers. But no case has been filed

Some of the whistle blowers are dead, some are hiding and some are missing.

Accusing someone like Gloria Arroyo is like digging your own grave,

These Allegations are not yet been proven, but... why would these people sacrifice their own life and family just for exposing the truth, are they trying to be a hero?... maybe no maybe yes... because there are no justice in this god forsaken country.
Only the rich and powerful are protected by the constitution not the common Filipino.

And why would Mrs. Arroyo seek medical treatment abroad,when she has all the money she can have and get the best doctor in the country.
If Mrs Arroyo doesn't come back, well... another epic fail for this government.

Whoever wins between DOJ and SC, it doesn't matter because... It is always the Filipino people who looses.

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