Protesting in the Philippines

If you watch the daily News, you will probably notice protests against the government almost every week. Since the Marcos administration rally's and protests has been "they say" an act of democracy.

6 Presidents has passed since Martial Law and they are still in the streets protesting about something they though the right thing to do, encouraging young teenagers and students to revolt against the current government and fight for your country.

They usually protests against Education budget cut, Health, Agriculture, tax protest, Human Rights Violation, and rally against the United States.

Most rallies are being funded and organized by some Party list groups like Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Kabataan, Kilusang Mayo Uno a well known supporter of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-NPA).

Recently, police fired water cannon to break up protests on Tuesday, an estimated 500 students joined the rally inspired by the "Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States.

The protest march and plan to camp out on the historic Mendiola bridge but riot Police had blocked them, because they don't have a permit to rally and for security purpose since it is near the Presidential Palace, they also plan to have a rock concert near the bridge, if they bring Metallica i would probably join them!.

Anyway, I was wondering if these rallyist do truly understand what Occupy Wall Street mean, why would they camp in Mendiola?
First of all, Occupy Wall Street is about and against social inequality, corporate greed, high unemployment and corruption as well. If they want their voices to be heard they should camp in Makati instead, where the biggest and the richest business men are. And stop complaining about the government it is the business men that give jobs and sign you paycheck.

Do more harm than good
When former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad visit the Philippines, he was asked about what is the problem in the Philippines that hurt the economy the most, he answered " the Philippines has too much Democracy".
And I believe of what the former PM has said, Filipino's are over using the democracy and freedom this government give to its people, where discipline in every Filipino is almost gone.

Last November, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton visited the Philippines to commemorate 60 years of Mutual Defence Treaty, and promised second warship for ill-equipped Philippine Military, then to meet President Benigno Aquino Jr.
Her convoy was mobbed by angry protesters throwing red paints and eggs to the Secretary of State.

Why did they do that? Why do they hate the Americans so much.

What they are doing hurts the economy, potential investors, common Filipino's and puts shame on the Filipino people. A world leader is always being disrespected in the Philippines.

How about protesting against China?, they take our islands, sells pirated products, sell drugs, do some illegal business, slaving our fellow Filipino threatening and disrespecting our country.
These activists are bias, they think they are fighting for the Filipino, but they are not, what they are doing is anarchy and not democracy and they are supporting China's cause and interest than their own country.

Democracy/ Anarchy
Too much of everything is never a good thing, and too much protests leads to anarchy a lawless movement of the people, protests can be done in a peaceful way without violence and disturbance, not all people likes to rally in the streets and they should respect the law.

Fighting for Nothing
If you go to the streets and join the protest you might try asking some of these protesters of what they really fight for, here are some nonsense reasons why they join the rally:
  • nanduon kasi young barkada ko, sumama na lang ako ( most of my friends joined the rally so i joined them too )
  • may snack daw na pinamimigay (snack is served)
  • gusto namin mag inuman habang may rally (we like drinking while protesting)
  • Hinakot kami dito sa squatters area at binigyan ng 50 pesos para sumama ( the organizers gathered people from the squatters area and give 50 pesos to join the protests )
  • Hindi ko alam (I don't know)
  • Nakiki osyoso lang (*anu ba english nyan*)

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