Funny signs in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best speaking country in the world, and foreigners will have no problem translating and understanding signs.

But when you roam around the country, you can find some funny signs that will tickle your funny bone ( unless you do can't speak english).

Here are some samples

bawal ang batang walang panti
Translation: " kids who do not wear panties are not allowed"
Are you waiting for the paint?!! 

This one is really funny! My first expression seeing this, I was like What the F^ck?  Who  wants to buy a pussy?! 
He can repair electrical appliances but not his spelling
They probably sells kidney too!
A contest that its prizes are kept secret! who would wanna join this I guess the judges are also a secret and the singers and competitors are also a secret :-P
This is one of the greatest epic fail ever! hahaha!
I am guessing the owner of Pussy store also owns this one, they just translate it to tagalog
Translation: "friend, this is not a comfort room or toilet, there is a better public CR in Jollibee (a famous restaurant) This was made for you. It is also very near; only couple of steps away"

"Respect yourself, respect you country"

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