Happy Anniversary to my Blog!

its me 23 years ago
Today is the day, I started my first ever post in this blog. I don't know whats going to my mind I started blogging. But blogging seems cool to me, you can express what you wanna express on the internet, a place where free thought is available and can say or share anything. -->

During this past months blogging, I was kinda frustrated, because I know nothing about blogs and how to design it, and I am not a writer, I even don't know if you can understand my English. I even quit for 5 months and came back in November.

I originally wanted a music blog, for my band, and fellow band mates in Samar and Leyte, I wanted to share our music, our talents, but gigs in my hometown are just occasionally, we lack gigs and exposures, so I decided to make this a semi- news/ information community blog, so that I can post more, if I'm stuck with my Samar music blog, i would probably just have 10 post for the whole year.

Attracting visitors is also one of my problems, I don't know how to do it. The only thing I know was Google adwords, but I don't have money, and I just blog for fun. And then, I searched on the net, thanks to some blog site like bloggerstop.net I finally understand how to attract visitors. I am not yet a master of SEO but I am now learning about it and how it helps websites increase their rankings.

1 year has passed and here are some important things i have learned so far.
  • Designing a blog. This is one of the most important things in blogging, a beautiful blog will attract a lot of visitors
  • Messing with CSS and HTML. I had a website before in the year 2004 I think, but I forgot its URL and it was hosted on Geocities which we all know no longer exist, that time I know HTML, I just need a litte review, thanks to other sites I finally learned messing my blog CSS style.
  • Monetizing a blog. Earning through blogging is not an easy task, it takes years to finally have a stable income. I have blog for 1 year and I have earned none so far. But its OK! I am having fun, that's the most important thing: having fun and showing creativity.
  • Improve my English. I don't know if it has improved, but so far, none complains about my  English vocabulary.
  • Avoiding Internet Scams. Yes I have been there! As a newbie I though, you can earn on the internet fast, so I joined some affiliate programs and  pay per click sites. In the end 90% were scams, good thing I only joined for a week and never spend a single cent on those sites.  I even promote their websites on my blog, I was stupid before, but now they can kiss my A$$, scammers can no longer trick me, ever!
  • Increase blog traffic. There are many ways to invite visitors to your site, like using Facebook or twitter, you can also write articles on other blog sites, sharing links and many more

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