Premarital Sex: Advantage and Disadvantage


What are the advantages and disadvantages of premarital sex?

The change in the 20th century of American society in the scope of premarital sex is the dramatical increasing of premarital sex behavior. According to the survey data, in the past, premarital sex rate was low, and premarital sex will often lead to marriage. Women born in the 1900’s, only 8% had premarital sex before the age of 20; women born from 1910 to 1919, the rate of premarital sex increased to 23 %

According to the 1974 National Survey data, adults, 25 years of age, 97% of men and 81% of women had premarital sex. France in 1972, the survey indicates that 29 years of age, 75% of men and 55% of women have had sexual relations before marriage. The most extreme figures from Sweden, the ratio of men and women that have premarital sex experience is as high as 99%. In other words, in Sweden, people enjoy the high degree of sexual freedom and gender equality.

What’s The Advantages and Disadvantages of Premarital Sex?

Premarital sex experience benefits us both physically and psychologically–conducive to health, because of the urgent need, not towed until adulthood. According to psychological studies, it shows that when the organs of our body become mature because of hormone secretion. Psychologically, people will, accordingly with the changes, have sexual desire, which is normal. If the desire cannot be satisfied, it will affect people’s work, learning, and life.

However, it varies according to the different people – some are very strong, and some are very weak. When people are with a strong desire, the so-called “sexual energy”, they can temporarily alleviate the sexual energy produced by having sex, which can give them a happy feeling, and a sense of achievement.

The Side Effects of Premarital Sex Experience

Many modern young women do not mind the long-term relationship. They think that as long as men love them, they do not care about if it is a long relationship. In fact, these women can only see the surface. They do not know what would happen later actually. Premarital sex in general have occurred in the students and those without a stable source of community among the youths. They have sex because sex is something curious for them, and they will not be responsible, or in any obligations.

When the sexual desire is gone, and something unexpected happens, some of them have the psychological fear, inferiority. Because premarital sex occurred in the majority of those who lack the knowledge of sex and experience, they may be pregnant after having sex, which may do great harm to these women physically and psychologically. Some of the disease once infected, there is no way to treat the disease, such as AIDS.

According to analysis and what we discussed above, I think premarital sexual experience has pros and cons, and by and large, the benefit of premarital sex is far less than the disadvantages. How to solve the problem of premarital sex behavior still remains an arduous task and a problem for us to tackle.

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