Amazing Pictures of Old Metro Manila


This is a blast from the Past! I have collected some very old pictures on the Net (credit to the original owner) of Metro Manila. This is actually cool, because Manila does looks like a vintage Spanish city.

Enjoy the view and kindly  post your comments below about old Metro Manila. Which looks cool, the Old or New Metro Manila. 

[source: Christian De leon@ ]

This is Epic, the Thrilla in Manila 1975 was one of the most spectacular boxing event in history, where Muhammad Ali defeats rival Joe Frazier.

That punch looks nasty.

Miss Sweden is really pretty! If she has a grand daughter, I bet she would be pretty as her.

Image of newly elected President Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1965

Tanks from the Japanese Invasion.

Old School Bus.

After World War II, Kalesa are the main transportation in the Philippines.

"Yesterday Nicaragua tomorrow Philippines" nice prediction, but we are almost there if we can't end corruption and political dynasty.

If Cory have an "L" sign, Marcos has his own "Y" sign.

--------Makati, Quezon, and Caloocan--------

------During War time 1941- 1945------

Aftermath of Japanese bombing of Cavite’s Sangley Naval Base December 1941, American POWs in UST, American dead carried away by Filipinos at Death March Bataan, Fort Santiago, American liberation at the Old Bilibid Prison and a POW camp in Cabanatuan

Manila, July 4, 1946. Gen. Douglas MacArthur stepping off his official car prior to ceremonies.

----- More Pictures of Vintage Metro Manila-----

Rizal Theater in Makati.

It was one of the classier cinemas in the late 60s, 70s and 80s. It later closed down in the late 80s due to fierce competition. People started going to malls to see a movie instead. In the late 90s it was torn down. 

LRT bridge crossing Pasig River while under construction in the early 80s.

A shot of Juan Luna street in Binondo from back in the 1960s: 

Delta Theater showing The Sting (1973) 

Highway 54

Baywalk 1970 

A jeepney along Taft 1974

A 1968 Toyota Corona taxi on Highway 54 in 1973 (B/W photo)

EDSA…2 decades before Robinsons Galleria
Before Ortigas Center was called as such
Manila Bay 1973
Magnolia Ice Cream plant (which is now the Nestle Ice Cream plant)

Manila, 1956 

Old CCP Complex 

Pic of Fort Santiago 

An pic of a bridge crossing Pasig River 

A photo of old Manila sidewalk vendors – No MMDA yet 

Photo of Old Luneta, see background San Agustin church and an American Flag … 

Magallanes Monument by ookami_dou 

There are Lanchas at the Pasig River. Manila back then was like Venice, Italy. But today, Pasig river is now a dump site. 

Filipinos learn Cockfights from our Spanish conquerors


------ More Metro Manila Photos ------

A night time photo of 60s/70s Rizal Avenue

Ideal Theater was called EE-DEE-AL instead of its proper pronunciation by people in the area.

The theater burned down in the 80s.


Here is another
Calle Rosario Binondo – before and today

Another before and Today…

Neilsen Tower in Makati in the 40s and in the 70s

Jones Bridge approaching Rosario and Escolta in Binondo. (Photo taken from the mid-1950s.)

manila cathedral

taken before the war


------ During War -----

Vividly illustrating the condition of burned-out, battle-scarred Manila, as U.S. engineers and thousands of Filipinos begin the huge task of reconstruction, is this aerial view looking southwest across the Pasig River toward hulks of sunken ships in the harbor. Tall building, left foreground, is gutted, Eastern Hotel, center, across river, is burned out, general post office, extreme left, across river is Metropolitan Opera House in ruins. Battered wall of Intramuros, Walled City, and destroyed buildings inside, occupies rectangular area beyond post office. Left is demolished Santa Cross Bridge, repaired by Army engineers. The streets have already been cleared of rubble.

Survivors of War, Intramuros, Manila 1945

U.S. troops surrender to the Japanese at Corregidor in the Philippine Islands, May 6, 1942. A total of 11,500 Americans and Filipinos became POWs, including the commander, Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright. POWs from Corregidor and Bataan were among the worst treated. May 6, 1942.

n August 1898 Spanish troops occupying Manila surrendered the city to the American expeditionary

From a negative made on the spot the day of the “brave feat of arms,” when a great body of Moros, men, women and children, were killed by the army under Gen. Wood; “a logical incident in the sequence of events which will include the whole history of the Philippine posessions.”

1897 Cavite

UN Ave



Vintage photo of Quiapo Church and the area what is now Plaza Miranda


More photos of Old Manila… along the banks of Pasig River…

By the way, “Tagalog” is derived from the words “taga ilog” or inhabitants by the river. The river referred to is the Pasig River

The Philippines’ premiere business and financial district… in 1899.

RIZAL DAY Celebration
The Manila Hotel’s original building at the background

December 30, 1922

here’s the original place where Ateneo used to be

Rizal Day Celebration 1922

This is in Makati, That’s the old IBM building and beside it was the old RCPI bldg. This picture was taken in the area where Manila Penn now stands. I’m sure, my dad use to work for IBM.

By RMN: The lovely building on the far right is the Dona Narcisa de Leon (yes, Dona Sisang of LVN) Building designed by Gabriel Formoso that has long since been torn-down in favor of the Equitable-PCI Bank Tower.

Power-Mad: That would be from left, IBM ; RCPI and the Dona Narcisa de Leon Building. Doinks didn’t specify if IBM and RCPI were just tenants and if these are the actual names of the buildings themselves.

Makati 1973:

AutoMat in Makati 1973:

View from the Cultural Center 1973:


Farmer’s Market in Makati 1973

I’m surprised how good these pictures are taken back in 1973. Notice the cars below are indeed back in the early 70′s.

Magnolia Plant (ice cream) in Manila 1973:

Somewhere in Manila 1973:


some more!

Old Sta. Cruz Church

Execution chamber and garrotes, Intramuros. ” This machine has an official record of killing 31 men.”

Refugees and walking patients, liberated from the Philippine General Hospital by troops of the 37th Division, stream down the roads away from the danger area

Sgt. Jose Calugas, Philippine Scout, salutes the officer who presented him with the Medal of Honor for gallantry on Bataan. Sgt. Calugas is the first Filipino to receive this highest award of the United States. Camp Olivas.

Spanish prisoners eating a meal, Manila, 1899-1901

Street scene in Binondo, Manila’s business district, Manila, 1901

Survivors from Intramuros, Manila, 1945

Troops embarking on Pasig, Manila, 1899

Women making cigars, Manila, 1920-1930

Filipino children at play, Luzon, 1906

Betting on a cockfight, Luzon, 1906

Escolta Street, Manila, 1884

Church procession in Antipolo, 1907-1916


this one’s the 1st Optical Observatory in the Philippines (Jesuit’s Optical Observaotry – Ermita, 1899)


1. A house in Manila
2. Jai Alai Bldg @ Taft Ave. during the Mid50′s
3. Makati Municipal Hall 1962
4. Battio Poblacion Makati 1926
5. Recto cor. Rizal Avenue in the 70s
6. Rizal Avenue corner Gonzalo Puyat St. (Raon)
7. A caretela
8. A jeepney in Manila


Neon signs of clubs, cinemas, establishment during the 70′s

Makati 4 years after the aerial shot.

Aerial view of SM City when it was first opened (1985)

Old Ateneo De Manila

Fiesta Carnival… now torn down to give way to new call centers in Cubao

Calle Azcarraga – World War II

now known as Claro M. Recto Avenue.

LSGH in the 70s




MAKATI back then


sana ganto kaganda pa rin ngayon ang maynila noh?


The Manila Opera House back then

Manila City Hall, 1960

Araneta Center, 1960

more Photos and headlines

4 PESOS LNG ANG SAHOD, wow! with 4 pesos you can buy a lot that time


Japanese soldier guarding what is now Quezon Bridge

1949 Rizal Park

Times Theatre along Quiapo

manila-avenida in the 60s

jai-alai skyroom after WW2

jai-alai skyroom after WW2


The photo was taken in 1963 before the 11th World Jamboree in Greece. Our Boy Scouts never made it to Greece. Their plane went down over the Indian Ocean. The 22 Boy Scouts are commemorated in 23 streets in Quezon City.

de Guia

The 23rd street to commemorate the Boy Scouts is named 11th Jamboree near GMA 7

avenida at the start of LRT construction

anyone remember the philcite robot??

this is way before starcity


This is a lot of History! kudos to the blog where it was first posted

The Philippines is really beautiful back then, don't you think.

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