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Jejemon (Tagalog pronunciation: [ˈdʒɛdʒɛmon]) is a pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines. According to Urban Dictionary a Jejemon is a person "who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility." The Philippine Daily Inquirerdescribes Jejemons as a "new breed of hipster who have developed not only their own language and written text but also their own subculture and fashion."


The word Jejemon supposedly originated from online users' penchant to type in "hehehe" as "jejeje", either because "jeje" is derived from Spanish usage of "j", whose speakers denote the interjection as laughter, or because the letters "h" and "j" are beside each other, and that it is appended by "-mon" that came from the Japanese anime Pokémon, with "-mon" meant as "monster," hence "jeje monsters."


The origins of short-handed typing was through the short messaging service, in which each text message sent by a cellphone is limited to 160 characters. As a result, an "SMS language" developed in which words were shortened in order to fit the 160-character limit. However, some jejemons are not really "conserving" characters; instead, they are lengthening their message. On April 14, 2010, on a Pinoy Tumblr, a post about vice president Jejomar Binay indicated that he was the Jejemon's preferred vice presidential candidate, complete with a fake poster with him called as "Jejemon Binay." Later the use of word jejemon to refer to such people made rounds in various Filipinointernet message boards.

Such short-handed language is not limited to Filipinos: Thais use "5555" to denote "hahahaha," since the number 5 in Thai language is pronounced as "ha."


The Jejemons are said to be the new jologs, a term used for Filipinos of the lower income class. The parameters of being classified as a Jejemon are still unclear, and how the different "levels" of "Jejemonism" are reached, although there are named levels such as "mild," "moderate" and "severe" or "terminal."


The sociolect of the Jejemons, called Jejenese, is derived from English, Filipino and their code-switched variant, Taglish. It has its own, albeit unofficial, orthography, known as Jejebet, which uses the Filipino variant of the Roman alphabet, Arabic numerals and other special characters. Words are created by rearranging letters in a word, alternating capitalization, over-usage of the letters H, X or Z. Superfluous as well as the presence of silent letters characterize its spelling convention. It has similarities with Leetspeak, primarily the alphanumeric nature of its writing.


  • Filipino: "3ow ph0w, mUsZtAh nA?" translated into Filipino as "Hello po, kamusta na?, translated into English as "Hello, how are you?"
  • English: "i wuD LLyK tO knOw moR3 bOut u. crE 2 t3ll mE yur N@me? jejejejeje!" translated into English as "I would like to know more about you, care to tell me your name? Hehehehe!"
  • iMiszqcKyuH – means "I miss you"
  • eEoWpFhUeEhsxz – means "hi/hello"
  • aQ / aQcKuHh – means "me/ako"
  • kEo – means "kayo/you(pl.)"
  • pfHoE / ph0w – "po (word that makes the sentence polite)"
  • uZtaH? – means "kumusta/how are you?"
  • lAbqCkyOuHh – means "I love you"
  • yuHh – means "you"
  • jAjaJa – garbled words conveying laughter
  • jeJejE – a variation of jAjaJa; conveys sly laughter


This is what jejemon usually looks like

Jejemons wears or brings the following:
  • A ballermon worth 10 pesos
  • A jejecap for sale in the divisoria or any ukay ukay store
  • A fake bling bling to attract jejechix
  • Blonde hair with emo style haircut
  • Broken teeth because of participating too much rumble
  • A dog chain, just like the ones used in dogs
  • A shorts too low, so people can see their undies
  • For high level Jejemons they usually bring sumpak or home made shotgun for those who can't afford, they bring a knife instead to be ready anytime and anywhere.
  • A cellphone for jeje texting
  • Duralite slippers they are strong and cheap, very easy to run when enemy's try to chase.
Jejemons, Skwater Rapper, Emos and Gangsters looked the same

Jejemon Gangsters

Jeje Emo

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