Spratly Islands: Who really owns it?


Spratly Islands a group of Islands being claimed by countries like Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei. An Islands said to be rich in natural gas and has potential on oil reserves.
Located in the Western Philippine Sea the said Islands has been the reason for conflicts between claiming nations.

Who owns it?

Based on the map and international laws, The Philippines will own these Islands. It is very near Palawan only about 40+ miles from the Islands, unlike other countries like China they are very far, but they are the one claiming all these Islands and start putting military bases and start bullying other nations especially the Philippines and Taiwan. And the Philippines is the only country from the claiming nations that has a municipality in these island we call it  Kalayaan or Freedom.
Ever since in the 70's and 80's these Islands has been occupied and pre owned by the Marcos Administration. They sent and put military bases on these Islands, Marcos knows these Islands where valuable, so the government hired a company that would explore these Islands.
But now they are being restricted to explore, the Philippines lost control

During the Arroyo administration corruption are at its peak, the Philippines have gone to suspicious contracts and deal with the Chinese government including the ZTE NBN deal.
But what these contracts has to do with Spratlys, are they related?

The answer is Yes!

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's government has borrowed money from the Chinese government more times than all the Filipino Presidents combined, instead of borrowing money from the world bank. When you borrow money from the Chinese they doesn't care if you gonna use it for projects or use it for self interest, as long as you pay them back they doesn't care unlike other countries, the borrowed money must be used for projects that would help a nation, and must have transparency.

During that time the Arroyo government borrowed billions of dollars from the Chinese and promised a ticket to enter and explore the Kalayaan Group of Islands or Spratly Islands, but the Chinese they didn't just explore they start owning these Islands by creating Airports and Military bases, they start shooting Filipino fishermen when they see one.
The Arroyo's sold the Philippines to the Chinese

The Congress made a law that will concrete ownership of these Islands, it passed... but for some unknown reason it was pulled back, I think China has something to do with it.
Now the Philippines are in danger for loosing these Islands.
In short the Arroyo administration borrowed billions of dollars from China in exchange for full access of the Spratlys Island

This happened before, the country lost ownership of Sabah now it is part of Malaysia, Sabah was owned by a datu a royal family in Mindanao they have the documents to show ownership of
Sabah, but now its part of Malaysia, only President Marcos fight the ownership of Sabah and the Spratlys.

The Presidents who followed are fools and useless.
They sold the country and betrayed its people

Only in the Philippines :-)


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