10 Wrestlers who became actors


With the success of Dwayne Johnson A.K.A. The Rock on Hollywood projects, there is no denying that pro Wrestlers, indeed can act. Professional wrestlers are modern day gladiators, besides of the head- smashing ground pounding moves they do, a pro wrestler also needs acting and a bad ass personality.

From the 4 corners of the ring to the glamorous silver screen, I give you 10 of the Pro Wrestlers who became actors.

10. Triple H
Paul Levesque, also known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, is the real son-in law of WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon, he is the husband of Vince's daughter Stephany. He is also a member of D-Generation X. Triple H appeared in Blade: Trinity as vampire enforcer Jarko Grimwood. Levesque's acting prospects look promising as he's also attached to star in a modern-day Western being developed by filmmaker John Milius.

9. Shawn Michaels.
The other half of D- Generation X, he is known to be the show stopper or the heartbreak kid in the WWE. He appeared on some episodes of Baywatch.

8. Batista
Dave Batista is a Filipino- Greek former proffesional wrestler. He is known to be a brute like competitor with muscles like son goku. He also accompanies Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao in a fight against Ricky Hatton which ended on the 2nd round. He tests his acting skill together with Rob Van Dam and Ja rule on Wrong side of town.

7. Goldberg
Bill Goldberg, a former professional football player, was the most prolific wrestler in the WCW fold during the late 1990s. During that time he made his feature film debut in Universal Soldier: The Return. In 2003, Goldberg was signed to the WWE for a two-year stint that saw him take on the likes of The Rock and Triple H, but he subsequently left wrestling in 2004 to pursue an acting career. He has since starred in Ready to Rumble (remember that one?),Looney Tunes: Back in Action and most recently appeared along with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler in the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard.

6. Kane 
We can't yet know if WWE's Kane (real name: Glen Jacobs) will be more than a one-miss wonder on the big screen, but hey... he's already been the star of his own movie, See No Evil. Entering the scene as The Undertaker's half-brother, Jacobs grew in popularity so much that a Kane movie was planned by the WWE's movie production company WWE Films. A conveniently timed wrestling injury (his larynx was supposedly crushed with a chair) gave Jacobs time to film his starring role in See No Evil during the fall of 2004. The film opened last May to mostly poor reviews, but wrestling fans seemed to dig it enough. In fact, Jacobs has signed a contract to appear in a not-yet-planned sequel.

5. Jesse Ventura
Jesse "The 'Governing' Body" Ventura has enjoyed a long and varied professional life as a wrestler, a Navy diver, and a successful politician. Ventura's acting career is nothing to scoff at either. First appearing in 1987's Predator, he went on to star in a number of genre films like Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, and was featured in The Running Man, Demolition Man,Repossessed, and Batman & Robin. Ventura made a memorable cameo as a "Man in Black" in the popular X-Filesepisode "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space.'" After his stint as the friggan governor of Minnesota, "The Body" returned to acting (sort of) in 2005, lending his voice to an unseen motivational speaker in Johnny Knoxville's The Ringer.

4. Rowdy Roddy Piper
Everyone's favorite kilt-rocking wrestler, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper rose to fame during the mid-80s with the WWF. Piper was the host of frequent interview segments called "Piper's Pit" which would often take a turn for the worse and end with Piper fighting his guests -- other wrestlers. This set the stage for a number of high-profile feuds with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Piper began to pursue acting during the height of his popularity and eventually appeared in a lengthy string of B-movies; In fact, he is still making them today. But Piper's most significant role to date is a starring turn in John Carpenter's They Live, in which he utters the classic line, "I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all outta bubblegum."

3. Hulk Hogan
Alright, Hulkamaniacs! This is the entry you've been waiting for. Hulk Hogan, one of the most loved (and hated) professional wrestlers of all time, actually owes part of his wrestling success to the movies. In 1982, Hogan appeared as Thunderlips in Rocky III, making him familiar to audiences and perfectly setting him up for his WWF debut the following year. As professional wrestling's exposure grew, Hulk's popularity skyrocketed and Hulkamania eventually became an international phenomenon. On film, Hogan appeared opposite Tommy "Tiny" Lister in the 1989 film No Holds Barred. And who could forget his memorable turns in Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny? OK, we could.

2. John Cena
You can't see me! the famous line of WWE superstar John Cena. He starred in the Hollywood movie the Marines. 

1. The Rock
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson certainly knows his role ... It's at the top of our list of wrestlers-turned-thespians. By far the most successful actor with a wrestling background, The Rock has firmly cemented his status as a full-fledged action star and a charismatic actor with considerable chops. The Rock made his big-screen debut in The Mummy Returns, which was so well received that it led to a prequel film centering around his character The Scorpion King. He then starred in the oft-underrated actioner The Rundown, an update of Walking Tall, and the videogame-based sci-fi flick,Doom. Johnson was last seen on screen in Be Cool (playing a gay bodyguard) and the football drama, Gridiron Gang. The rock also featured on the movie the Tooth Fairy where he plays a ice hockey player who doesn't believe in tooth fairies but he did become one of them. The rock today is still on the rise and every one can smell what the rock is cooking

source: ign.com

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