Typical Pinoy Teleserye

It has been more than a year since I posted "Philippine Soap Opera Curse" and today we will make a part two of that article. In this episode we will show the elements of a typical Pinoy teleserye.

New teleseryes are in store for 2013, besides ABS-CBN and GMA, TV5 also has its own daily prime time drama. Another year and suppose to be a new story for pinoy teleseryes, but sad to say its always the same story all over again and I always wonder why it still clicks on the filipino masses.

Lets make a teleserye, I have here elements that you can combine if you want to make your own daily drama, here are some:


I have here lists of stories that is usually used in the beginning of a pinoy teleserye.

The missing child story

This is probably the most used and boring story at the beginning of most teledrama. The plot usually starts about a mother, got pregnant, give birth, then someone will steal/ switch her baby to someone's baby. Usually her real child will go to her arch enemy.

It is like the whole story evolves around a mother in search for her missing daughter or son. Then she finally founds her by accident or she have met her already because of "lukso ng dugo" but not quite sure if that is her missing child, and so on... blah blah blah.

Teleseryes currently using this plot are:

  • Princess and I (ABS-CBN)
  • Aso ni San Roque (GMA)
  • Kahit Puso'y Masugatan (ABS-CBN)
  • Ina, Kapatid, Anak (ABS-CBN)
  • Luna Blanca (GMA)
  • One True Love (GMA)
  • Mutya (ABS-CBN)
  • My Binondo Girl (ABS-CBN)
  • Mariposa (GMA)
  • Lorenzo's Time (ABS-CBN)
  • Aryana (ABS-CBN)
  • And the list goes on!!! there are too many to mention...

The forbidden love 

This plot is also being overused. The story usually starts with a rich guy fell in love with a poor girl. They usually met by accident and fell in love at first sight, but the parents of the guy don't like the girl so they got separated. After they got separated, the guy didn't know his ex gf is pregnant.

The never ending battle between the rich and the poor

Pinoy teledrama also evolves around the story between the rich and the poor, where the bad guy is the rich one and the good guy is the poor one.

The Antagonists 1 (the villain/ third Party)

Because most dramas are love stories, it is not complete without the villain, the one who will do anything to separate the two love birds. They are usually the friend or relative of the main actor. They are obsessed with the main protagonist and will even try to kill its love interest just to get the girl/guy. 

what makes this kind of concept funny is that, in the end both the third party villain and the protagonist are indeed brothers or sisters in which he/she doesn't know because they are separated.

The Antagonists 2 (the more evil villain)

Aside from the other kontrabida, there is the more evil villain! they are again a relative of the main character or a very close friend of his/her. They have their own goons, got tons of money and owns a big corporation. This kind of character is usually portrayed by a veteran actor. You can't see a lead villain under 20 years old. 

The Ending

In most typical pinoy teleserye the ending ended up like this.

One of the main character will die

If the show will only last about less than two weeks, expect someone from the main cast will die and he/she will confess about the truth before passing out. That character usually dies by a heart attack, got shot by a gun or commit suicide because he/she feels guilt about keeping the truth.

Kidnapping. It always happen

If the show is almost over, the lead villain will try to kidnap one of the main characters and forcing her to marry the third party villain. If the girl refuses, the villain will call her love interest and will demand to meet him alone. On the day they will met, the guy will save the girl, because no bullet can hit em and he has awesome karate powers like Chuck Norris, the villain will go nuts but he can't stop the two from escaping.

The Police are always late

In the Philippine we have a saying "parating nasa huli ang pulis" (cops are always late) and in even in teleserye's, the police are indeed always late. When the kidnapping incident happens, the main protagonists will never call the cops, if he do so, he won't cooperate with them. In the end part where the hero saves the girl, policemen will arrive late and all they will see are dead bodies and wounded people.

Happy Ending

Pinoy's love a happy ending, and so give it to them. After all that drama, and suffering, no one can stop the wedding of the two love birds.

Funny things I notice about Pinoy teleserye

They say teleseryes are closer to life and reality, but for me they are not. I have here things I personally notice that are not closer to reality.
  • Most of the scenes are at home, to make it more realistic they should wear home clothes. Instead of wearing sando shirts, duster or any pambahay clothes, they wear gowns, shoes, wear expensive necklaces and for the girls... too much make up.
  • There are parts of the story where someone will get amnesia.
  • The villains always do an "evil laugh" when planning something and is holding a glass of brandy or wine while picturing their evil move.
  • If the protagonist got shot by a gun, they will only hit his shoulder or just below the belly. You won't see a main character get shot on the head.

There is a new serye called Juan Dela Cruz and I bet it is another missing child concept story.

That is all! combine all this concept and you can have your very own top rating teleserye.

Did I miss something? let me read your thoughts

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