Philippine Classic Commercials

Do you remember what its like during the 70's , the 80's and early 90's; the pop culture, the icons, the music, and the fashion.

How about commercialism
Coke, Pepsi, San Miguel, Anejo, Rhea Rubbing Alcohol and a whole lot more

Lets take you back to the past and relive the era of funk and the Pop Culture of Philippine TV ads

1976 Royal Tru Orange classic
I think the only orange soda drink in the 70's, royal is a established brand until today

Hindi lang Pampamilya pang Sports pa, ching!
The Classic Family Rubbing Alcohol, back in the old days this commercial usually pops when there is  boxing match. The brand is still used today by some barber shop but no commercials followed

One of my favorite commercial of ALL TIME! promise!
oh yeah, my peyboreyt commershowl dragown kaytowl lamowk siguradowng teypowk
it features an american sweaty guy called "dragon man" and some chick, waiting for dragon man to save the day against mosquitoes. ;-P

A Classic Ginebra Commercial starring Julio Diaz
the commercial is about family, also features some "sunog baga(drunken masters)".

San Miguel Sabado Night featuring the young and hot Ina Raymundo
Every Saturday is gimick time, this is sabado nights!

Purefoods Classic
whatever happens the girl love hotdogs
girls...they do really love hotdogs :-)

JVC classic ad
back in the old days commercials are simple as this.

Smart Cellphone of the 90's
hehehe :-P

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