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MANILA- The Department of Tourism (DOT) has revealed the new slogan and logo to be used in global advertising to attract foreigners and balikbayans to the Philippines.

Data shows about 3.7 million arrivals from abroad in 2011 it also includes Balikbayan Filipinos. With this new sloagan and advertising campaign, the DOT secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. expects foreign arrivals to increase at 4.2 million by the end of the year.

Negative comments

MANILA TIMES-Filipino self-flagellation immediately followed the press conference. The negative comments were of the ilk that appeared at the end of the ABS-CBN website’s online news about the new slogan and logo. “Stupid idiots plagiarizing the Swiss,” said ror who called the DOT and the creators of the new brand campaign morons for copying the headline of Switzerland’s 1951 tourism campaign. (We have a story on this, with photos, on page 1.). Several comments were about copying the Swiss ad. A couple complained not about the new slogan and logo but mocked “fun in the Philippines” as something that starts when one tries to book a flight.

Another comment asked if it was fun in the Philippine for incompetent policemen to arrest a couple from Norway by mistake. The writer said this kind of news, plus details of corruption and kidnappings, flashed all over the world, will always keep foreigner tourists away.
Others criticized the campaign for bombing again (palpak na naman), for being funny because it was made by “abnoy” authors (slang for abnormal person), for being bland and uncreative.

Two neutral comments said the logo—featuring the pixelized detail of a colorful straw mat (banig)—looked good but was more appropriate for a business campaign than for tourism promotion. Two suggested more work and research should be done. A comment, by Pintor, did not praise the campaign or the art but berated the negative commentators who should share their ideas if they have any.


The said slogan was said used in Switzerland 'its more fun' slogan in 1954. Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said intellectual property rights expire after 50 years. Now it has been 61 years since the slogan has been used

Wow Philippines

Some critics preferred the old slogan "WOw! Philippines". 

It may be true that its more fun in the Philippines but Wow Philippines was a better tourism slogan. Because the Philippines will Wow! you with its beautiful places, warm people and beautiful Filipinas.

Despite many natural wonders an islands composed of more thant 7,000, the Philippines are still behind in attracting tourist compared to its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Actually tourism in this country will boost if this government will start focusing on infrastructure, decreasing poverty, eliminating corruption and teaching citizens to be disciplined and respectful to one another.

Another is to ensure security eliminating terror threats, ending wars with rebels and separatists. 

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