You are Pinoy if

People are different and so are Filipinos, because we have our own culture, style, and way of living. Our looks are different, some are white, black, mistiza, malay, chinese, but whatever we look like, there is always a trademark of a 100% pinoy.

You are Pinoy if

1. You use dipper or tabo when taking a bath.
2. You love to buy on "sale" in shopping malls even if you dont need them
3. Your dining area has a picture of the "last supper".
4. You eat with your bare hands.
5. You eat balut
6. You don't fall in line
7. Can sing the National anthem Lupang Hinirang but calls it Bayang Magiliw.
8. You dip the bread or pandisal on the coffee.
9. Whenever there is something going on like a fire or someone dead, you are always curious and will go to that place even if it is too dangerous.
10. You like to spit or take a pee wherever you like.
11. You love to sing, even if your voice sucks.
12. You like to buy ukay ukay or used clothing.
13. A big wooden spoon and fork are hanging in your walls.
14. Proud of Manny Pacquiao, Lea Salongga or Charice, who is very famous around the world.
15. Proud of famous half breed Filipinos like, Batista, Erik Spoelstra, Rob Schneider, Nicole Scherzinger.
16. Collect bottles and use it to put sugar, salt, soy sauce.
17. You call nail polish "cutex" and Colgate for toothpaste.
18. You like pirated CD's and DVD's.
19. Scratch your head if you do not know the answer.
20. You have an electric fan without its front cover.
21. You use detergent soap for dishwashing.
22. You make coffee a soup for your rice.
23. When there is a party, you bring cellophane and bring some of the food back home.
24. Can text the whole day.
25. When you see a celebrity, you get excited and always wanted a picture with him/her.
26. You like to sing Kpop songs even you can't understand a damn thing they are singing.
27. You liked and watched Meteor Garden.
28. Loves Champurado with tuyo.
29. Love playing Basketball.
30. Yell a lot while playing DotA on computer shops.
31. You borrow from sari- sari store.
32.You put 25 cents on you ear.
33. You watch noontime game shows.
34. During election, politicians can buy your vote.
35. You love going to fiesta on different barangays.
36. Can't live without rice when eating.
37. Like to sabit on the jeepney.
38. Can speak Carabao English.
39. You use the term bahala na which means uncertain, unknown or doesn't care at all.
40. You feel tired and sleepy on the afternoon, like 3 pm.
41. Late for any appointment.
42. Attend a funeral so that you can gamble.
43. You say "po" and "opo" when speaking to someone older than you.
44. You own a karaoke system.
45. You say "brown out" instead of "black out".
46. You own a piano and no one plays it.
47. You have a walis tambo or walis tingting even if you already have a vacuum cleaner.
48.You use rock to scrub in the shower.
49. You point using your lips.
50. You put your foot up on your chair and rest your elbow on your knee while eating.

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