General Luna All Female Band


Since Sampaguita there is no other girl band in the Philippines has rock Philippine Music, until General Luna came, and change my perception of beauty and rock n roll. 


General Luna – what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name? Is that the general who fought for our country alongside other heroes a long time ago? Or is that the street in old Intramuros? If you say it’s none of the above mentioned, but indeed the name rings a bell, you’ve probably heard them on the radio, seen them on TV, or came across their video on the world wide web. To save some trouble of looking them up on google, General Luna is the newest all female, all Filipino rock band, a group of seriously gifted and drifted individuals who have both the looks and skills that kill.

General Luna is composed of Alex Montemayor on bass, Audry Dionisio on rhythm guitar, Bea Lao on drums, Caren Mangaran on lead guitar and Nicole Asensio on lead vocals. The band was born, one may say, out of luck and perfect timing. Just as they were starting out, Warner Music was scouting for a group who can really rock out and at the same time, give a new face to the usual fa├žade of rock n’ roll. But why the name General Luna? Vocalist Nicole Asencio says, “It has nothing to do with Gen. Antonio Luna.” It’s a combination of the words General which is masculine, and Luna which is feminine - a balance of the 2 concepts.


  • General Luna band member Caren Mangaran is also a TV host & DJ aired every sundays in her tv show, RJ Sunday Jam with her host RJ Jacinto, who also founded RJTV 29 (now 2nd Avenue on RJTV 29), and also both aired live on RJ 100.3 FM.
  • The band were also guested on Willing Willie when band member Caren met Willing WillieCo-host and current Magic 89.9 DJ personality Mo Twister.
  • The band opened for Mr. Big Concert in Manila last May 10, 2011.
  • General Luna band member Nicole Asensio is also into theatre and painting. She is an honor student at De La Salle University. She became a voice talent of Southdesign, Hit Records, Jam Records, Adfarm, and Audiopost. Nicole joined the cast of Okasaki Theatreworks’ "the Magic Staff" in 1999 and Repertory Philippines’ "Annie" and performed in various fund-raising activities to help orphans in 1998. Nicole assists in various lectures about Shakespearean theatre in high schools such as Brent International School and British School Manila. She also signs classical and rock genres at various bookings. She was one of the cast of The Rent remake in the Philippines. She is also a gymnast with her co-band member Audry Dionisio 13 years ago. She's from a well respected family of singers and raised in a family of theater performers.
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