What you didn't like about Bad Filipinos

I was just browsing on the internet and join some forum on online gaming, and I saw some posts about banning Filipinos on joining their game. I have read most of their posts and they complain that most Pinoy gamers are hackers, scammers, cheaters, very boastful, and a bad looser. Which reminds me about the Beauty Pageant which Ms. Samcey Supsup didn't win the crown, most Pinoys have overeacted  and blames even Ms Lea Salonga for loosing the title.

Even it is just a gaming forum it is a bad image for the Filipino People, because most foreigners are generalizing Pinoys, what we do on the internet will reflect of what we do in real life.

Most People know Filipino's are very family oriented and god fearing, they are also very nice and warm people, and most of all very hospitable. 

But in every good side there is always a bad side. So I have come up something that are part of Filipino Culture that most people hate (usually foreigners and balikbayans).
  • Pinoys thinks that all foreigners and people who are from abroad are rich, and they should give something when they return to the Philippines, if they did not give they will be labeled "kuripot" or "makasarili(selfish)", they though money are easily earned in the states or any other country.
  • Filipinos are very respectful especially on their elders, but if you are fat, ugly, or black you will get teased a lot.
  • Some Filipino's doesn't accept criticism, when you criticize something they do, they always overreact.
  • Liars, Cheaters, Sinners those who claim to be a "Good Christian"
  • Have too many kids, cannot afford to feed them and will ask relatives for money
  • Those who constantly swindling foreigners, or steals them.
  • Honesty is very rare, if you drop a wallet there is only a small chance of whoever picks it will return it to the owner.
  • Bad Drivers, doesn't give way, when you go to metro cities you will notice how undisciplined most drivers are.
  • The lack of common sense, most people don't have it or doesn't know the meaning at all.
  • Crab Mentality one of the most common attitude of Filipino's, when someone goes up they will pull it down to the point they will achieve the same level, if there is an achiever the looser will take him down so both of them will be losers. 
  • Colonial Mentality, we don't like buying our own products, we love expensive and imported brands. If you can't speak English you are cheap
  • Those who are believers of crazy superstitions.
  • Bahala na, a term for lazy people.
  • Envious, when some achieved something, instead of praising for their hard work, they will just ignore and start making gossips, for example someone becomes successful and rich, the envious/crab person will start making false gossips, like he/she is a druglord, drug pusher, prostitute or a man whore :-P, bank robber etc.
  • Parents who doesn't know how to discipline their children, uses physical and emotional abuse
  • Law Breaker, when they see a sign like bawal umihi dito( do not pee here), they will still pee.
  • Those who didn't mind their own business
Well anyway this is just some lists i have taken from different peoples reaction, I know you have your own lists.

But there are no country and its People are perfect, every country in the world has its own flaws and maybe even worse. We are still lucky we live in a democratic country where we can do whatever we want, go to places anywhere and live a normal life, so, right now lets just be thankful of what we have and enjoy life.

Cheers :-)

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