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Just recently I was reffed by one of my friend to join Megatypers.com. He said the job was very easy you just have to type the captcha that appears on the screen, the faster you type the higher you will earn.

Then I get this doubt that maybe this is a scam, so I searched the internet for infos about the company. And I found out that this is actually legitimate and not a scam based on other peoples testimony.

What is Megatypers.com?

MegaTypers.com is a workforce management company that service institutions requiring data entry services. Their main goal is to support their clients digitization requirements by converting scanned papers into editable digital documents. Their services also include Neural Network Text Recognition, Voice-to-text transcription and Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart image recognition for the visually impaired (blind).

They are currently looking for typers from around the globe. All you need to have to work with them is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to type at least 10 Words Per Minute. The schedules are flexible. You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please. The quicker you type, the more cash you earn.

Megatypers is good for
  • Mothers who stay at home
  • Parents needed a second job
  • Students 
  • Anyone 
How much you earn depends on how much you work. Their top typers earn between $100 and $250 each month! The Rates start from $0.50 for each 1000 words typed and can go as high as up to $1.5 for each 1000 words typed. They Pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and Western Union.

Before joining you will need a code, I have here codes that you will need to join the program
  • BS8
  • BSB
  • BSG
  • BSJ

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