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Some body can be unique, famous, and interesting not only from the excellence. In some cases, particular people in the world getting the more attention because of their weaknesses, and their imperfections.

Short people has been recognized in many fields, mostly showbiz and sometimes even sports. Here are 10 of the most famous shortest man today.

10. Gul Muhammed (World's Shortest Man Who Had Documented)

According to Guinness Book of World Records, Gul Muhammed becomes shortest man who has ever seen and his height has been verified independently. On July 19th, 1990, based on Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, India, described that his height is 57 centimeters and and weight 17 kilograms.

9. Chen Li Guilan & Tangyong (Shortest Couple in the World)

This couple is newly wed who want to be included in record book as smallest couple in the world. The man, Chen Guilan, is from Shunde, China and is 70 centimeters and married to Li Tangyong, her height is 67 centimeters.

8. Ajay Kumar (Smallest Actor in the World)
An Indian comedian, Ajay Kumar, has height 75 centimeters. He has portray about 15 films since he was thirteen years old. Guinness Book of World Records admits him as smallest actor in the world. Ajay, who is better known as Unda Pakru, achieved succeed through his acting. He got married on 2005 with Gayatri, his wife who is 150 centimeters.It's so amazing, isn't???

7. Jyoti Amge (Smallest Girl in the World)

She is fifteen years old and is from India. She is famous as smallest girl who her weight about 5 kilograms and height approximately 58 centimeters. She has a dwafirme shape, it is called achodroplasia and have no ever grow higher.

6. Stacey Herald (Smallest Mom in the World)

This smallest mom, Stacey Herald, who is 70 centimeters, has given birth for three times. Even many doctors said that her pregnant can be harmful for herself, but she challenged the doctors for having two babies are a half of her height. It look like an unbelievable fact, but it's alright happened.

Ms. Herald always uses a wheelchair. She and her husband, Will, who is about 175 centimeters, are really happy after the birth of their third child.

5. Aditya "Romeo" Dev (World's Smallest Bodybuilder)
His height only 0,84 meters and weight only 9 kilograms can lift dumbbells 1,5 kilograms. Romeo is famous in his hometown, Phagwara, India. Because of his record as smallest bodybuilder in the world, every day many people look at this mini-muscled man performs in his training.

4. Shannon Bobbitt (Shortest Professional Basket Ball Player in the World)

As compared with another basketball player, you can see on the picture that she looks like a giant. Otherwise, in basketball field, she can be famous because she get a record as world's shortest professional player has ever seen.

3. Edward Nino Hernandez (Record for the World's Smallest Man on September 2010)
Hernandez lives at Bogota, Columbia. He got a record as shortest man in the world on September 4th, 2010 from Guinness World Records. Since his second birthday, he has no longer growth on his body, so when he was 24 years old, his height only 0,7 meters and weight 10 kilograms. So surprised!!!

Hernandez's record is finally replaced by Khagendra Thapa Magal who is from Nepal and 18 years old. Khagendra is declared as shorter man than Hernandez on October 14th, 2010.

2. Khagendra Thapa Magar (World's Smallest Man on October 2010)

Khagendra Thapa Magar, is smallest man in the world on October 2010, who has height 0,67 meters. He lost his record as "World's Smallest Man" on June 12th, 2011, and is replaced by Junrey Balawing from Philippine.

1. Junrey Balawing (World's Smallest Man Today)

Junrey Balawing is a child blacksmith and comes from Sindangan town, South Philippine. His parents said that he is just 23,5 inch of height and his growth suddenly stopped when he was 2 months. Balawing got a special gift from Guinness World Records when he celebrated his 18 birthday. He's called as World's Smallest Man.

He is just an inch taller than the chicken

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