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Cebu To Raise Canonization Funds


CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Provincial Government of Cebu has expressed its willingness to assist in the fund-raising activity of the Archdiocese of Cebu to meet the P50-million funds required for the canonization rites of Visayan martyr Pedro Calungsod in Rome on Oct. 21.

Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, who this early said she will witness the rites in Vatican, said the Capitol will cooperate with the Archdiocese of Cebu in any fund-raising activities so the church here can raise the P50-million fund.

“I’ll attend the canonization rights especially that the name of Cebu was given this special prominence,” said Garcia, as Church officials Tuesday said they are still raising funds to cover the expenses of their planned nationwide celebration.

When canonized, Visayan Martyr Pedro Calungsod will then be named San Pedro de Cebu.

“We are truly blessed and we feel very, very proud to have a second Filipino saint soon to be canonized. How blessed are we Cebuanos,” she added.

During the canonization in Rome, a special Mass will also be held at the South Road Properties, church officials said. They chose the much bigger venue instead of holding the special Mass in a church because officials are expecting at least one million devotees to attend the celebration.

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, who will also be witnessing the canonization in Rome, said he has no problem holding the celebration of Calungsod’s canonization at the South Road Properties.

“An overwhelming number of faithful is expected to gather to celebrate Calungsod’s sainthood, thus, a bigger venue would be needed,” said Rama.

Rama said he would want the Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission (CHAC) of the city to be involved in the preparations and to “pursue” the historical and cultural part of the canonization.

“The Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission can come in since it also has something to do with our culture,” Rama said.

He said the city may be able to help financially, but the assistance may have to be coursed through CHAC to avoid questions on separation between church and state.

50 million for a saint? while Filipinos starve.

For me this is clearly business, the Vatican want 50 million for Pedro Calungsod to be the second Filipino saint. For many years, the Philippines has been giving huge amount of money to the Vatican, in exchange for... Actually I have no idea why are we giving. Why would the Vatican need that kind of money, while a lot of Filipinos starve. Talk about too much greed

The Philippines is not rich, unlike the Vatican. More Filipinos are hungry every minute, because of the lack of jobs and support from this government. They say they don't have money, but when religion is involve, they gave them like ice cream, if there are no funds, they will raise money and do everything to give to the church.

Why would a impoverished nation like the Philippines give money to an institution who has everything. Power, money, two things that religion groups posses.

For years you people make us believe that you will save our soul, our country and promised a happy life. We gave you everything, money, power, respect, everything the church asked, but what did you gave in return... you gave ignorance, disrespect, silenced us from reasoning,  you embedded into the peoples mind that the servants of god are holy and untouchables.

Religion is not a bad thing, but when abused it turns people into brainless zombies.

I am actually proud that we have a new saint, but the problem is, the Vatican is taking money from a nation that suffers from financial crisis. 50 million pesos is not a small amount, when used wisely it could build houses and bring hopes back to the earthquake victims in northern mindanao.

All I am saying is "Vatican please moderate your greed".

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