From showbiz to politics (only in the Philippines)

Philippine election is very near, and candidates are busy preparing for their campaign. And when you look at Philippine politics it is full of people from the showbiz industry, from city councilor to the President (Joseph Estrada), and seems there are no stopping to them, they just keeps on coming.

Our Politics is like Pinoy Big Brother, you vote who among them is the big winner and it is based on popularity, not leadership skills. And that's why most of our leaders are inutil or useless, they just keep on making their pockets full while its people starve.

The showbiz to politics era started when Joseph Estrada became vice President, although he didn't finish college he still end up becoming a President, I don't judge his intentions of becoming a politician, but we never have good politician from the showbiz industry, if you happen to know one, tell me... what are his/ her accomplishments? The only thing that I liked about Erap is that he almost wiped out all the rebels by declaring an all out war.  I learned from him that when you wan't to finish a problem you gotta stick to the solution, one thing that current President Noynoy Aquino doesn't have... he has no balls.

An example of unqualified candidate next year is Annabelle Rama, rumors has it that the mother of the Richard and Ruffa Gutierrez is running a political seat in Cebu. She is very famous during her early career in showbiz, and also famous for his loudmouth and libel cases. So what if, she wins, does she know the solution to, hunger, no job opportunities, slow economic growth, housing problems, corruption? The answer is brighter than the sun, of course she can't! If it is a foul words contest I think she will win because that is where she is good at.

I have a partial lists of people from showbiz or media that has political plans in the year 2013.

• ParaƱaque Councilor Alma Moreno for senator
• Annabelle Rama for congresswoman in Cebu City
• Aga Muhlach for congressman in Camarines Sur (fourth district)
• Phillip Salvador for vice governor (against incumbent Daniel Fernando) of Bulacan
• Richard Gomez for mayor of Ormoc
• Onemig Bondoc for vice governor of Bataan
• Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo for congresswoman of Bulacan
• Quezon Board Member Gary Estrada for congressman
• Quezon City Councilor Alfred Vargas for congressman
• Rez Cortez for governor (or is it congressman?) of Camarines Sur

And here’s a list of those running for reelection:

• Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, and QC Councilors Roderick Paulate, Gian Sotto and Precious Hipolito
• Ormoc Rep. Lucy Torres
• Caloocan City Councilor Marjorie Barretto
• Bacoor Rep. Lani Mercado
• Laguna Rep. Dan Fernandez and Laguna Board Member Angelica Jones
• Manila Councilors Edward Maceda, Lou Veloso and Robert Ortega
• Laguna Gov. ER Ejercito and his wife, Pagsanjan Mayor Maita Sanchez
• ParaƱaque City Councilors Roselle Nava, Jason Webb and Val Sotto
• Makati Councilor Monsour del Rosario
• Dagupan Councilor Maybelyn dela Cruz
• Cainta (Rizal) Mayor Mon Ilagan
• Bacoor (Cavite) Mayor Strike Revilla
• Bataan Board Member Teri Onor
• Batangas Board Member Christopher de Leon and, of course,
• Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos.

I guess I am helping these people on the list campaign, but I am not saying to vote for them. Instead, search for their background and leadership skills.

Remember what you see on TV is not who they are in real life

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