7.7 Magnitude Earthquake hits the Philippines


CATBALOGAN, SAMAR-Just I was about to take a shower, an earthquake struct the Philippines at about 8:47PM just today. The quake is the strongest I have experienced in decades. 

It is so strong that I decided to run outside naked while wearing only my underwear, even our pet Cat is so scared, that he has been hiding on our dining table for hours now. I think the quake lasted about 10- 15 seconds.

As of now, my body is still shaking from the impact of the earthquake.

According to reports it is a 7.7 magnitude earthquake, its epicenter was just 91 miles off the town of Guian, Eastern, Samar at a depth of 20 miles.

Guian is just more than 100 miles from where I live. But thank goodness, we live in a province surrounded by small islands, tsunami won't be a threat. 

Besides the Philippines, a tsunami warning has been issued to other Asian Countries like Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Palau and Hawaii. But the warning was later lifted in Japan, Taiwan and several other Pacific Islands.

According to news, these are the province in the Philippines that should take caution; Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Southern Leyte, some parts of Bicol, Norther Surigao.

I hope everyone is OK, I pray for the safety of my friends and family in Leyte. 

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