Pinoy Made Videogame Console


Yes, the title is right, I never heard of this before until now! I never though there is a Filipino made Videogame Console. Although I haven't played one yet (I wan't to have one) I found this on the net from a retro video game collector.

This information really interests me, because I have been playing video games since Atari 2600. And back then, video games seems to be my life.

This Pinoy made video game is from 1976 from a company called INTERCON MARKETING CORPORATION

Few information can be found on this console. Based from blog site where it originally published, it has 6 games which are tennis, hockey and handball variations just like the pong era (Pong is the first video game created).

its dated somewhere in the year 1976 made in the Philippines sold in the USA. Odd, based on the info, there is a game console that looks exactly like it on Ebay that says "Made in the USA".
It is very clear that the console was made in the Philippines
according to research this game was sold in two variations of box white (posted above) and black one. also saw one variation of color which looks like this (credits to original uploader of photo)

1976 was not really a great time for many Filipinos for we are under martial law . So its startling that under those circumstances, this video game is played under rattling shades of houses by kids during those times, which are probably our grandfathers now. Well, not many kids , probably the family's who had some extra, for this game came out not cheap for sure. This machine right here served its purpose of the "entertainment" value amidst of whats happening outside when its turned off.

Its a good thing some of these still exist, not only because its rare but mainly of the history, the Philippine history that comes with it. Who ever owns this must be the coolest kid in the neighbourhood back in 1976

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