Why Celebrities Join Politics

It is like every Filipinos dream to become an "artista". These entertainers enjoy fame and fortune, but, whether you believe me or not, entering showbiz has become a stepping stone on entering the dirty world of politics. They use fame to achieve that ambition. And it seems that qualification, experience and leadership is not the main criteria for a public servant, sometimes, money and good looks is enough.

As expected, when an actor declared his intentions on running for election, he would reasoned that the main purpose of his candidacy is to help the poor, give reforms, and end corruption. These line has been repeated ever since by TRAPO or traditional politicians.

Some of you get convinced and some don't believe their promises, but who cares, you still vote for them, why? because... he is my favourite actor, he won many awards, I have seen him feed the poor, he is a god fearing catholic, most reasons are like that.

I know most of them are sincere and willing to help, but when you get the hang of it, you become just like them, the traditional politicians. 

You may or may not agree with me on this, but these are the reasons why I think Celebrities join Politics.
  1. Showbiz is not a stable career. Lets face the fact that looks are one of the main asset of becoming a popular celebrity. If you become old, you get less projects, less endorsements, lesser income. 
  2. They want to lead. Actors are used to follow instructions from directors and they want to be in control sometimes.
  3. They seek developments on places they like or where they grow up. Some actors has their own provinces, and when they became famous they want to help their kababayans.
  4. A high ranking position is profitable. Probably one of the main reason why some actors immediately run for high position such as congressmen, senators and even vice president. 
  5. More business opportunities. Fame and power leads to unlimited business opportunities. 
In short, celebrities wanted stable income and maintain their status quo in the society. 

I just hope these actor/politicians will not eat their words, because sweet talking politicians can easily manipulate the voters


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