Abolish Party List System in the Philippines

Recently the Commission on Elections has been very strict on approving party list groups that will run in the 2013 Elections. This is the first time that COMELEC has been tight with these party list groups and I salute Mr. Brillantes for such a move.

I think they are aware that the Party List system in the Philippines is being abused. Most of these party list groups doesn't REALLY REPRESENT the marginalized sector or the poor. One example is the party list of Mikey Arroyo, son of former President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo. His party list is supposed to be representing all of the security guards in the country, but... why would Mikey Arroyo the son of a former President be representing security guards, is he a security guard? No! He will not and always will never be. How did his party list got accredited? It is because of Mommy of course! when  Mikey's party list was accredited it was during President Arroyos time where party list accreditation is very easy because they are being used by TRAPO ( traditional politicians )

Here is more

Of more than 100 party list representatives, only four are not multi-millionaires. How will these Congressmen represent the poor if they are not poor themselves. How can a party list congressmen represent a group indigenous people, if he is not one of them.

99 percent of party list congressmen does not really represent the marginalized sector

Another disadvantage of the country's party system is the breeding of communist supporters. Many party list groups are behind and supporting the terrorist group NPA, and they show no sign of slowing down. During the past two years, the communist group has been very active on attacking members of the AFP. The allocated budget for these party list groups was used to buy guns and fund political rallies.

I remember the time where the part list system wasn't invented yet, these communist groups rallies the streets confronting congressmen about the pork barrel they receive, they want it to be removed. By the time party list system was created, they take back what they said, because they now have their own pork barrel. They are not true to their words, because power and money is what they truly after.

Each congressman is a drain on the taxpayers money. It is the taxpayers that shoulders all of their expenses and their own pork barrel which is kinda useless and being used for corruption.

Why do we need this party list system? how about the regular congressmen, is it their job to represent their respective district, young, old, poor, or whatever occupation you have? why make a special district for a certain group of people?

Scrap the party list system! here is why
  • It divides the Filipino people
  • Being used by other politicians
  • A breeding ground for corruption
  • A great business if you wan't to be a millionaire
  • Each party list congressman eats the money of the people
  • They DOES not represent YOU!
  • They DON't Care about YOU!
What needs to be done, really, is to revisit our 25-year-old Constitution. Having been crafted in haste, because then President Corazon C. Aquino declared a revolutionary government and abolished the 1973 Constitution, many flaws have surfaced. At times, these flaws have nearly caused constitutional crises.

God Bless this Country

[image: newsinfo.inquirer.net]

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