Sangguniang Kabataan Should Be Abolished

Our youth is the future of our nation, a quote from our national hero Jose Rizal, but what if our youth is already corrupt?

Objective and Purpose of the Sangguniang Kabataan

To establish Katipunan ng Kabataan as the mainstream government-sponsored organization for the youths in every barangay to serve as the barangay governments’ partner in identifying programs and projects in their respective communities and in identifying issues and concerns affecting them;

  • To provide a framework for the improvement in youth governance by strengthening the Katipunan ng Kabataan as the mainstream government sponsored organization and reforming the Sangguniang Kabataan as the policy-making and legislative body of the organization;
  • To provide the general directions in youth governance at the local level, setting policies and standards and establishing authorities, accountability and responsibility in achieving better performance outcomes;
  • To define the roles and responsibilities of members of the Katipunan ng Kabataan and Sangguniang Kabataan officials and federation officers;
  • To provide resources to the Sangguniang Kabataan and implement youth related programs and projects and other initiatives at the local level;
  • To make the Katipunan ng Kabataan the most important vehicle for youth participation in the implementation of civic, economic and political activities in their respective localities and for the Sangguniang Kabataan as the training ground for future leaders of this country by inculcating in them basic social values and spiritual values; and
  • To ensure that the youths receive the kind of focused attention from the national and local governments.

Why should SK be abolished?

sk should be abolished"Because it only adds burden to the heavily grown bureaucratic red tape that is plaguing the Philippine society today..It is the same way that Baranggays should be abolished so that the Mayors had something to do...

The society become so useless If you keep on creating smaller and smallest units from smaller units..It becomes a burden.

If you will ask how to make the Philippine bureaucracy compressed and save resources on useless politicians who steal money and break the colonialist past of Filipinos, given the country's small territory and population, It should be divided only in 13 federal regions with governors and 13 senators and maybe 26 representatives.

Currently, It is very bloated and very inefficient the reason why the country remains the same.


During the past SK and barangay election I participated on becoming one of the supporters and poll watcher of a barangay chairman candidate to see the dirty secrets behind Sanggunian Kabataan and Barangay elections.

As usual, dirty tactics are as planned. The money, the sure voters, the goons, and the guns are already prepared. But one thing I noticed, is that the SK election are more dirty than the barangay. Registered SK voters are being forced to be kidnapped and keep on a hotel until election day. They were given money, cellphones just for their vote. And when election day comes, the drama begins... goons and guns are all over the precinct, when the vote has come to a tie, a missing kid was the only hope to end the tie breaker. And then the opposing camp reacts violently after seeing the missing kid, because of that,  one of their goons start shooting on the air. A good thing no one is hurt, but the trauma those kids suffered will mark till they grow up.

The election used to be and only for the YOUTH has now become corrupt. Parents teaching their children to buy votes to get elected is a stepping stone to become a great corrupt leader. Most of them are not qualified either to become a youth leader, the salary they receive from the tax payers money are usually used to buy iPhones, beer, a motorcycle, all the things a youth desires... so much for public service.

The objectives of an SK member is just a bluff, no one is really serious about public service if you are 17 years old. A teenager will do what a teens would do, like drinking beer, party all night, if you add money to that you are just tolerating their will to have fun and not minding obligations as public servant. 

Abolishing SK will save the government billions of pesos and will save our children from early corruption training. 

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