Is Everyone Generally Nicer to Attractive People?

Are you good looking?,

If so, are other people always nice to you?

If you ask me those questions, I think I will go with yes. Looks is very important when interacting with other people, it is what we see on the person first rather than on his attitude or personality.

I live in a community where looks is what people mostly see first in a person, If he/she is good looking and not fat, it will make an impression that they are honest, and can easily be trusted.

There are some factors that attractive people can get ahead compared to below-average looking people, here are some.

Daily Life

I have seen experiments between two individuals who are good looking and the other one are a bit looked like shriek. They were tasked to pretend and borrow a mobile phone from random individuals to see which of the two can borrow a mobile phone for texting easily. After hours of doing the experiments, Snow white got a perfect score and done the task easily, while Shriek got only a 50-50 chance.

Attractive people can easily get discounts on different businesses especially "ukay ukay"(dried goods clothing) and the fish market. Even if they do something stupid, they still can get away with it.


The experiment not only applies to random situations but also in career. Based on a study, attractive people are hired sooner, get promotions quickly and has higher chance of success compared to their less-good looking co- workers.

Attractive people also earns more than 3%-4% more than those who are less attractive according to Daniel Hammerhesh, professor of economics at the University of Texas and author of the book "Why attractive people are successful".

And of course, in the Entertainment Industry, its always the good looking one who gets the big role on films and TV shows, compared to an average looker who only gets the side kick role or the guy who always gets butt kicked.


When it comes to love life, attractive people usually gets the apple while the less-average looking person gets the Santol. Looking for a partner is very easy for good looking people, and they can get what they want especially if you are rich and popular. 

Looks is very important on a relationship, probably because it plays an important role to sex. Yes, that's right! People gets excited if they are about to make love to a good looking one. 

But in my observation, appearance is not really important in a relationship, I have seen lots and lots of relationship between two attractive people gone bad. Personality and attitude is still the most important factor in a relationship. 

Are People Generally Nicer to You If you are Good Looking?

Final Thought

It may be an advantage to look like Brad Pitt or as Hot as Victoria Justice but looks doesn't necessarily means success. In my personal point of view, the good looking ones are sometimes the hardest to get along with, they have short tempers and most of all, they are "snub".

If looks gets in the way for your success just ask yourself first this;  is Lebron James good looking? Does Oprah has a body of a Halle Berry? Is Mick Jagger or Eddy Van Halen are as cute as Justin Beiber? It may be a silly question but its true that looks are not that important when it comes to having a happy life.

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