The hunt for ex army General Palparan

Manila - According to the Philippine government, its bounty for former army general Jovito Palparan has reached 1 million pesos ($23, 000). He was accused of kidnapping two leftist- activist students.

Jovito Palparan is widely known for his campaign against communist groups. He is a party list representative of the Bantay Partylist. In 2003- 2004 he was the commander in the Philippine Humanitarian Contingent in Iraq. 

Critics sometimes calls him "the Butcher" of having a role in alleged extrajudicial abductions and killings of government critics during his military service. But he denied those accusations.

Aside from being a soldier he also earned a master's degree in management from the Philippine Christian University in 1994, and a master's degree in national security administration from the National Defense College of the Philippines in 1999.

He also received awards as a soldier namely:
The Bounty

Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that whoever gives significant information that will lead to the capture of former Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan will get the reward.

The former General is charged with the kidnapping of Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan in 2006. Those two are still missing and general Palparan has denied these accusations. He calls this allegations communist propaganda

Another PNOY's revenge?

I have no concrete evidence, but I can say our current President is a communist supporter. His father former senator Ninoy Aquino is a well known communist supporter, which broke his bond with friend and fraternity brother Ferdinand Marcos, and resulted in some "people power". 

This government is currently giving millions of pesos to NPA rebels as a support, even these rebels earned over 300 million pesos from tax extortion a report says. 

That explains why these rebels got more high powered gun than the AFP . 

A world without Palparan

I live in a province where communist rebels are almost everywhere. And they strike horror every time they want. Assaulting police outpost and Military bunkers, killing Innocent civilians, stealing their livelihood and food and brainwashing the young and intelligent youths. 

When General Palparan arrived in 8 Infantry Division, I felt a bit worried about his presence since he is a known "butcher", and days has passed, I noticed a little change in my hometown. The City's most notorious gangs are now gone, NPA's and communist supporters has no guts roaming around the city, the bullies or "siga" are nowhere to be sighted you won't even see men without tshirts roaming.

I have an encounter once with his soldiers, and I felt worried they were about an average of 6 feet tall soldiers and we were outmatched if we try to resist. We were playing skateboard in the plaza, these soldiers inspect our bags, and they see some wrench some screw drivers. One of them says " you must be doing some suspicious activities" and we just said "No, we just play skateboards and those tools are for repairing the deck" then they let us go. 

Since then, they just smiled on us whenever they roam around the city. But now they are gone, the "siga" is back, the gangsters are back. And police has no power against these bad elements, because they are fat and poorly trained. 

Just recently I saw a guy been shot near the plaza screaming for help. And it took almost 25 minutes till one police arrives! duhh! police station is very near the area of the incident. I know that because I was there.

Ex army major Palparan maybe a butcher as critics says. But for me he just want peace but doesn't matter what the cost.

 I like those people who take risks just to do something what he think is the right thing to do. 

And for this government all I can say is you guys are "commie"...

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