EDSA Revolution: the downfall of a Nation


February the month of celebration for most Filipinos, aside from valentines day we celebrate the 1986 EDSA revolution which ousted former President Ferdinant Marcos. On the 25th of February Aquino loyalists party on EDSA showcasing variety shows, sing and dance, to commemorate the anniversary which they call "People Power".

For over 26 years the Filipino people has been told that the EDSA people power was a symbol of unity and true democracy, and ousting a former dictator could free this country and bring peace to the whole nation.

When I was a little kid I have watched a 5 hour documentary film about the Marcos era, Martial law and People Power. I was very interested what happened on the year where I was born. The documentary was great, it almost answers all of my questions about what happened in the past, but I was just  a kid that time, I didn't understand some of the facts, and since then that documentary hasn't been shown in years.

Curiosity leads me in searching what really happened back then, and I want answers to these questions; why is Ninoy Aquino a hero? Why they claimed Cory the mother of democracy? Why did they killed Ninoy? Why did the church interfere with politics? and after 26 years why did a once wealthy nation become one of the poorest in Asia?

Oligarchy in the making

Years has passed and Filipinos are still stuck in this hero thing euphoria, where Cory the heroine and Ninoy the hero, that is why the people voted on their son Noynoy. After Marcos has been ousted the constitution has been revised, which I believe favors the rich and powerful families. If you look at it today, the poor are defenseless and the rich are shielded by the law.

Four years after Marcos was ousted, Cory’s administration was highly criticized for its failure to deliver on the much-needed economic reforms and was plagued by allegations of corruption involving Cory’s wealthy and influential relatives – the same allegations they used to topple Marcos in the first place.

The People who supported the revolution like, Fidel Ramos, JP Enrile, the Church, Cardinal Sin, the Lopez, Zobel, Gozon, Pangilinan family and many more, has now absolute power in the Philippines, mostly in business and politics and even showbiz.
These said personalities are even more powerful today. A very big thanks to Cory Aquino, by selling some of the government owned business like NAIA ( formerly known as Manila International Airport, it was changed after Ninoy was killed), Petron, PLDT, Maynilad, Meralco to those who helped them.

The sad thing about who wins, is that they are the one's dictating history. In text books, on TV, and even on Yahoo. The Yellow ribbon army are controlling everything. They tell how evil Ferdinand Marcos is and people power is good for the country.

But for me how can Marcos be evil, he is a world war II hero, he achieved so many even if all the Presidents combined, the Peso almost out-worth the US dollar, the Philippines is second richest behind Japan in Asia. No political dynasty even Marcos was a President, none of his family members was a politician only him, the security is very good, rebels and separatists groups feared the government, and justice is always served none of the people from the supreme court can be bribed, in short corruption is almost zero, except for the President himself. In my Opinion, who cares... even if he stole millions it doesn't matter as long as your country is also rich I don't give a shit about it.

Why did they say Ninoy Aquino is a hero?

Ninoy Aquino was a senator who opposes Marcos, he was accused of Treason and was sentenced to death penalty, but because of the President it was never carried out, Aquino and Marcos are good friends in their fraternity. And Marcos was the one who let Aquino escape the Philippines to the US.

After 3 years he came back and wanted to talk to Marcos, but there is a death plot against him, he knows, but still he insist on going home. He was killed, the President was accused of killing the senator, now the whole country sympathizes the Aquino family and the President lost control.

Now where is the hero in that. A guy who is accused of treason, a communist supporter, opposes the President most of his political career and has no achievement as a senator is now a hero. What he did wasn't heroic, he was just assassinated and the people accused the wrong person.

Even up today there is no proof that Marcos was behind the killing of Ninoy, but the killer who is now got a parole admits and accused, Ninoy Aquino's brother in law Danding Cojuangco, brother of the late Cory Cojuangco Aquino and the media doesn't seems to be interested on this issue.

Why they say Cory lead the People Power revolution

Actually Cory was just a plain house wife! she has no political background and is under qualified to lead a nation. Everything about her was exaggerated, the Cory magic, the Mother of democracy, and they even want Cory to be saint.

When Mrs Aquino became President the country has no direction at all. Debts rises, kudetas, human rights violation is rampant, the rise of Communist rebels,  the country is in jeopardy of a downfall. Its like a company that is bankrupt

Why did the church interfere with politics

For me it is simple, they want power. During the Marcos time, the church was indeed true to their teachings and will never enter the dirty world of politics.

But time has changed, Cardinal Sin ordered the masses to rebel against the dictator on a local radio station. A Catholic country like the Philippines can be easily controlled by the church, its like the pied piper is the cardinal and the mouse was the Filipino people.


Look at the Philippines now, it is still kinda peaceful, but it is very far from the Philippines before the Aquinos took over.

Corruption is still very rampant, Political dynasty is the new trend to get rich. Prices are on all time high, too many unemployed, too many hungry and has no home. Education and health are not for everyone, and ignorance is still getting worse.

After 26 years we are still back where we started, we are still being lead by the person who has the same blood who took this country to a downfall. The same family that takes the Philippines into a back ward civilization

There is a saying a Filipino is worth dying for, but the question is what are they fighting for?

If he has none, and his intentions are not for his people and not for his country, I rather let him die or even shoot him myself.

note: this is just an opinion of the author

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