The Story of Pretty Boy Mayweather Part 1

This is a story that has never been told, tell, and even seen. A story so dramatic, so epic, it will make your tears fall.

A story about a legend, a man who is undefeated on his Boxing career,  a man who is going to jail this June, a man so rich that he can even buy Haiti, and a man known for his loudmouth.

This is his journey to being the number 1 fighter in the world.

Will he overcome the challenges in life? will he make it to the top? Lets find out.

This is the Story of Pretty Boy

This was taken from their childhood.

Once upon a time there were two best of friends Manny and Floyd, they love each other, they play together, bath together, share secrets together, and share the same interest in sports. 

Manny: La, la, la, la, la, la, la, Floyd stop peeing on me
Floyd: Shut up fool! drive faster I want to watch Barbie, this is the season finale  I don't wanna miss it. 

While growing up they were always together, they usually hangout on the streets drinking Ginebra Gin. 

Floyd: This is Vinegar, not Gin you moron!
Manny: Sorry, I cant read, I only finish grade 1

But one day, Manny was looking for Floyd, when he opened the CR, Manny was surprised! 

Manny: Wat are you doing ya know, why are you kisseng that boy in the room of comfort!?
Floyd: Huh!? OMG, no way homie! I aint kissing this poor boy, I... was... just.. blowing something in his nose, Get off me you fool! (kicked the boys ass)
Manny: Oh OK

But one night Floyd had a dream about his dead father.

Floyd Sr.: Wake up fool! Wake up you stupid bastard 
Floyd: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ghost! HEEELLLP! (screams like a girl)
Floyd Sr: What is wrong with you boy, its me your old man!

Floyd has chickened out because of a ghost he saw. But the Ghost has a message to Floyd

Floyd Sr : My Son, you are destined to be a great boxer, you must follow your path and stop being friends with Manny, your best friend will be your worst enemy.
Floyd : Oh Ghost! you fuck! you are my dad!? you look like shit before, now you look shit more! Manny is not a problem, I am the best in the business, I got more money than him.
Floyd Sr: You better make sure he will not get in the way.
Floyd : You know me, I beat everyone's ass even girls.

And so Floyd has followed his fathers advice, then he had a job as a Cherry Picker to earn money for his training

Floyd even enrolled in a ballet class to improve his footwork

Because of his hard work he became a Champion

He even got his own super hero movie

While Floyd was busy looking for love

Floyd: Let me kiss you Oscar, you are so yummy, you are so good looking I love Mexican boys
Oscar: Just a kiss, and stop grabbing my P*nis, you just payed me to give you a kiss
Floyd: I will pay extra just let me touch those Mexican ass of yours

Manny was on a rampage defeating every boxer in the world

Buffer: What can you say Manny you have defeated every best boxer in the world.
Manny: Ah you know, ah, thanks to the Pelepens, to Mrs Arroyo, to my sponsors, my kowtch Freddy Roach, Ah you know It was a good fight.
Buffer: You didn't answer my question Manny. How about Mayweather, he is the only fighter that haven't been defeated
Manny: Ah ok, ah, I depens on my promoter, Bob Arum, yah know, if the fight goes Ok.
Buffer: Last words for Manny before we end the show.
Manny: I want to thank Mrs Arroyo for teaching me corruption, Chavit Singson for giving me advice on how to be a gambler, Lito Atienza for being there for me when no one is at home, and to the Pelepeno people, thank you lord for giving me this very supportive people. Ah Mayweather if you are watching lets fight, OK.

After seeing the interview Floyd has another nightmare

Floyd: Daddy lets run! Manny and Bob will fry our eggs!
Floyd Sr : Don't worry son, remember your training, when hell breaks loose, run like a CHICKEN!

Now Floyd is having a problem whether he fight or not fight his former best friend

Floyd: My head hurts, that fool is giving me nightmares. What should I do? I know, I will beat my wife for the world to see how bad I am, oh yeah! Manny will be scared of me.

On the next day Floyd meet a little boy

Boy: Floyd you are my idol you can beat Pacman
Floyd: I don't know kid, when I hear the word Pacquiao it gives me nigthmares
Boy: You are a champion you can do it!
Floyd : Yeah, I think I can, I beat my wife, I can beat Manny too!

Even the great Michael Jordan supports Mayweather

MJ : Hey Floyd, you should fight Manny, nothing is impossible. I remember when I was young no one believed in me, they only picked me 3rd overall on the NBA draft. But look at me now, I am one of the best basketball player in the world. Btw, Kobe sucks! hehehe

Justin Beiber also gives Floyd some advice

JB : Floyd don't be such a wuss, look at me, there are so much haters, they think I am a lesbian but I am not. I am just boy that looks like and sings like a girl. I am like you but more good looking, we share the same interests (boys) that's why I am with you homie.
Floyd: I must be seeing things you looked like Manny Justin.

During his last fight Floyd has something to say to the world

Floyd: Hey Manny I want to fuck you, I mean fight you! You should stop hiding under your mother's skirt and lets settle this man to man.
Larry: Hey Floyd stop touching my balls man.
Floyd : oh sorry I though that was the microphone

And so it was settled the fight of the century will happen. Will Floyd Mayweather beat his arch nemesis, we will find out in the next chapter of the Story of Pretty Boy.

note: this is just Parody I made this just for fun. We all know who Mayweather is. If you got a suggestion on our next episode kindly comment below.


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