Genocide Infants in Sri Lanka

Beware: Images featured on this article contains sensitive images of human rights violation.

I can't stand of not sharing this images of brutally murdered infants by the Sri Lankan army. These children are believed to be sons and daughters of Tamil rebel fighters

Even up to this day many children are being bombarded by the Sri Lankan government, which is a clear violation of human rights.

Some facts about the Tamil Genocide

  • More than 135, 000 Tamil men, women and children has been killed or went missing.
  • More than 35, 000 Tamil were killed in 2009 alone.
  • 1.1 Million Tamils flee Sri Lanka
  • Estimated 600, 000 Tamil internal refugees
  • More than 20, 000 orphaned children
  • More than 35, 000 Tamil widows
  • Thousands of Tamil families (including children) are kept behind barb wire fenced internment camps by the Sri Lankan govenment, for several months in aftermath of war.
  • Half a million Tamils kept under military rule in Jaffna peninsula (Northern Sri Lanka) that had been described as an "open prison".
  • Thousands in custody – detention without trial, other widespread abuses
  • Economic embargo imposed on traditional Tamil areas for more than 2 decades
  • Supply of food, medicine, fuel, electricity and other essential items controlled by the Military
  • Forced Starvation
  • Usage of banned weapons - Cluster bombs, White phosporous. Usage of heavy weapons, artillery on densely populated civilian areas. Reported usage of chemical weapons.
  • Mass Graves and systematic violations of fundamental human rights remain uninvestigated
  • No International Media allowed into conflict areas
  • State sponsored pogroms
  • Systematic destruction of Infrastructure
  • Indiscriminate and wanton air attacks on traditional Tamil areas for more than 2 decades.
  • Hundreds of thousands of livelyhoods and schools, hospitals, libraries, temples, churches, houses, villages destroyed.
If there is justice, these young children should not be killed.

Genocide Infants in Sri Lanka

Two children were hanged by the Sri Lankan army after their parents were killed. I intended to hide their faces in respect to their soul, god bless them.

These civilians including a 6-month-old infant, a 4-year-old boy, their mother, a 8-year-old girl and an English teacher are just a few of innocent victims killed by the Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF).

There are many petitions to end the genocide on Tamils, but the international community lacks action against human rights violation.

They should solve this now or there will be more bloodshed and mass killings of innocent infants. 

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