10 Weirdest Religion in the World

-->   10 . Happy Science. A chap named Ryuho Okawa founded this pleasant little religion to teach the Fourfold Path: Love, Wisdom...

Spratlys is not part of China according to 1904 map

Recently China has been very aggressive against other nations that claim the spratly Islands, Philippines and Vietnam are some of those coun...

From showbiz to politics (only in the Philippines)

Philippine election is very near, and candidates are busy preparing for their campaign. And when you look at Philippine politics it is ful...

You are Pinoy if

People are different and so are Filipinos, because we have our own culture, style, and way of living. Our looks are different, some are wh...

Funny Justin Beiber jokes

I got some funny Justin Beiber jokes i found on the internet. All the haters will have fun reading this, and for those a big fan of JB wil...

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