Is the Philippines really rich during the time of Pres. Marcos?

I like joining conversations on forums sites such as, and one of the most debated topic is the question that "is really the Philippines rich during the time of late President Marcos?". A lot of people are giving small information about the Marcos achievement during that time, and so is the anti Marcos, who denies those facts and declaring it the darkest time in Philippine history especially the Martial Law victims.

Is the Philippines really rich during the time of Pres. Marcos?

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, a project accomplished by Marcos but wasted by the next Presidents. If fully functioned, it could decrease our Electronic rates from 20%-40%. A project that Marcos entrusted to Cory Aquino before he died, he said that if the power plant will not be used, he predicted 20 years from then, the Philippines will become one of the poorest country in Asia. A prediction that became true.

I was born in the year 1986, the year where Martial law has ended, but my young age doesn't restrict me from knowing the truth from the past. I watched and read documentaries from freelance journalist on Martial law and compare them to the one I see on National TV. I even ask old people what is was like during those time.

I remember one day, I asked my aunt what was their lives during the Marcos era, is it hard? do soldiers grab people and put to jail without reason? I asked the questions related to the abuse by the Marcos government based on what I see on national TV. But she replied, No, there were no abuses on their province. She remembered very well that there are parts on each city that there is a feeding program everyday, we call it "bulgur", a rice based soup packed with vitamins and minerals. It was said to be implemented because the President wanted the next generation to be not malnourished and smart. But sad to say, there are no feeding programs like that today.

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I also experienced a bit of the "Marcos touch",  remembered it very well when I was about 4 years old, a former crony of Marcos was the Mayor of my hometown. And it was beautiful compared today, our small town has a huge swimming pool in front of the capitol hall with dolphins in there where you can feed them as you like, across the pool is a mini Disneyland where kids can really enjoy and have a good time. But since the end of the Marcos power and so is the end of our beautiful town, corruption is now trending. Our once beautiful pool is now a place for prostitutes, snatchers, and rugby boys. I don't know what really happened, time has changed so fast.

Our country is on a downfall since then, and if you wonder is the Philippines really rich during those time, here are some facts that might prove it is indeed true.

President Ferdinand Marco and his accomplishments:

  • Richest in Asia, second to Japan
  • First country to have an Airport in South East Asia
  • First country in Asia to have a Train
  • Number 1 in the world in Rice and Sugar exporting
  • There are no illegal drugs, you can't even drink and get drunk on the streets
  • There are only a few OFW's because the government is self sufficient with jobs
  • Foreigners can't own a land property
  • Peso to US dollar, $1=P1.50
  • The only President that doesn't use written speech
  • Only President who defends himself on the court without the use of an attorney
  • Only President who is a world war II veteran
He also made some accomplished projects without promising it to the Filipino people
  • Manila International Airport (Now NAIA)
  • LRT-1, a first in southeast Asia
  • Heart Center of the Philippines
  • Nayong Pilipino
  • Kidney Center
  • Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
  • PICC
  • Philippine Lung Center
  • Golden Mosque for Muslim
  • Folk Arts Theater
  • SLEX and NLEX, a first in southeast Asia
  • San Juanico Bridge
These accomplishments are still being used by the Presidents who followed. But sad to say some of these projects are forgotten, if used wisely it could benefit this country.

I keep wondering about the accomplishments of past Administrations, and none has come even close even if you combine them all.

Now, if you ask me if the Philippines was rich before, my answer is a concrete YES!

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